24 Aug, 2021

The sales volume of SUVs has more than doubled in India in the last decade. This reiterates the aspirational value of this popular car sub-segment. SUVs offer much more passenger and cargo space when compared to sedans and hatchbacks. It is also why they are the ideal choice for long drives and road trips. With a four-wheel drive and robust built, SUVs offer a smoother drive, even in off-road conditions. However, if you plan to upgrade from your current car to an SUV, it is important to understand how to handle it safely so that you enjoy every drive. These tips can help.  

1. Familiarise yourself with the controls: While this is necessary for any new car you buy, it is particularly essential to familiarise yourself with your new SUV. The dashboard and steering-mounted controls in your SUV could be different from your old car, so you might have to unlearn old habits. For instance, you might want to use the side indicators but engage the headlamps instead. The best way to familiarise yourself with your new SUV would be to practice driving it in open spaces and vacant parking spaces. Fortunately, SUVs like the Hector 2021 come with automatic headlamps and voice control for the AC, music, etc., which are easier to get accustomed to.     

2. Get used to its size: Anyone switching from a small car to an SUV would be wary of its size, especially when parking. You may fear sideswiping other cars or brushing the ORVM (Outside Rear-view Mirror) while passing by. New SUV drivers may benefit by positioning their mirrors wider compared to sedans and hatchbacks. This helps them to ensure that there are no blind spots on either side. With features like the 360-view camera, the MG Hector 2021 gives you better visibility of your surroundings and makes it more comfortable to drive in all situations.  

3. Check around your car before driving: Given the higher seating position in SUVs, spotting objects or obstructions on the ground from your seat could be a challenge. A good tip is to position the mirrors wide and low to give you this view. Besides, take a look around the car once before driving. It is also advisable to keep an eye out for strays that may have curled up cozily under your SUV. 

4. Keep it simple in the beginning: Most people get nervous about upgrading to an SUV because they think it is challenging and takes more skill. While it does need a more skilful driver, the challenge can be mastered with practice. Let your SUV driving habits grow into you gradually. It is best to avoid driving in heavy rains, hailstorms or freezing conditions from day one. Sure, modern SUVs, like the MG Hector 2021, are equipped for such conditions, but you may not be. In the beginning, concentrate on regular driving. Don’t put yourself in situations you are unsure of, as it could lead to unnecessary trouble.

5. Adjust to the braking: The braking distance of a car increases with its mass. SUVs are bigger and heavier, and that means they need more distance when braking. This is especially vital during the rains or bad weather. Likewise, you might want to zip away in your MG Hector 2021 as soon as possible, but it is best to increase your speed gradually. That way, you have better control of your car and have enough reaction time in any situation.

6. Keep distance: SUVs are bigger, which means you want to avoid trying to squeeze into tight spaces, which you probably would have done in a smaller car. Of course, if you are a skilled driver, this won’t be too much of a problem. But until you are used to the size of your car, it’s best to steer clear of getting too close to other vehicles. This may not be possible in bumper-to-bumper city traffic, but the three-second rule can help when it comes to distancing. It means that there should be a three-second gap between a car crossing a point, and the next car reaching it. In an era of social distancing, it is prudent to practice distancing on the road to reduce the need for sudden stops.

7. On-road manoeuvres: An SUV reacts differently to manoeuvres as compared to a smaller car. Avoid making sharp turns in an SUV or drive along a curve at high speeds. Instead, slow down on turns and give yourself enough time to apply the brake. Sharp and sudden movements can shift the bodyweight balance of an SUV, which could be dangerous. 

8. Avoid overloading: Too much luggage or cargo is a no-no, no matter what car you drive. Overloading puts unwanted pressure on the brakes and can overheat the tyres. In an SUV, loading heavy items can upset its centre of gravity and can cause awkwardness when handling the car. Place belongings evenly in the boot area and familiarise yourself with the changes in the car’s brake and speed dynamics due to the heavy load.

The MG Hector 2021 is an exciting addition to the Indian SUV scene. MG’s pursuit for innovation comes to the forefront in this internet SUV, with a host of digital features like Over the Air updates, Geo-Fence, and voice-enabled infotainment, to name a few. Its stellar comfort and convenience features make driving MG Hector 2021 one of the smoothest SUVs around. Safety and superior driving comfort are guaranteed with features like ABS+EBD, Front Parking Sensors, ESP, Traction Control System and others.

Now that you are ready with important tips to upgrade to an SUV, drive home the MG Hector 2021 for an unparalleled driving experience.