25 Apr, 2020

The world has been turned upside down on account of the COVID-19 global pandemic, and social distancing seems to be the only way to keep it from spreading like wildfire. While many of us are feeling the disruption of routine life, the current situation can also be seen as an opportunity to hit the refresh button. This unprecedented change can be turned around into a period of transformation, no matter where you are.

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1. Pursue Things That Make You Happy

If you ever wished you had more time to pursue the things you enjoyed, this is an ideal time to pick an activity that makes you happy and follow it up as a habit. It could be anything from art, music, penning down poetry, reading or even gardening, as long as it brings positive vibes into your home. Alternatively, take this time to learn something new; there are tons of free online courses available. If you’re wondering where to begin, a simple search online or a post on social media can get you a bunch of suggestions and recommendations.

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2. Live healthier

Taking charge of your physical health is critical during this time. The best way to beat this lockdown is to motivate yourself to stay active, and consequentially, release happiness inducers like endorphins and serotonin. Eat smarter and lighter to keep your energy levels from dipping and take some time to exercise whenever you can. You can do yoga, bodyweight workouts or even 15 minutes worth of stretching exercises at home. These can do wonders for not just your body but your mood too.

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3. Become financially mindful

Since ordering food or going out are things that you are less likely to do in current times, it ultimately means you are making healthier lifestyle decisions. And since e-commerce sites are only delivering everyday essentials right now, this translates to savings that are significantly increased. Staying at home will provide you with the opportunity to get creative and explore ways to relax and have fun without spending any money. Hence, this is a great time to reflect on your finances and finally achieve those savings goals that you may have had at the beginning of this year.

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4. Stay Connected

Checking in with your family and loved ones from time to time has always been important, but it has become all the more essential during this lockdown. Since many people are facing similar situations, connecting with friends and family to share a few laughs, lighten your load and catch-up can help make the situation bearable. It is equally important that you find time to connect with your inner self. Meditating, breathing exercises, writing down your thoughts and feelings are some ways in which you can pay attention to your mental health.

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The current situation is disconcerting for pretty much everyone, but it is vital that you do everything you can to stay strong. While things may seem a little bleak right now, look for the positives in the situation. For instance, this period of social distancing is giving the planet a much-needed breather. Perhaps, it has given you more time to spend with your family. It has allowed many the opportunity to access their lifestyles and alter routines for the better. There is a sea of ideas on how you can spend your time to make it truly count. This #21DaysOfSelfDiscovery can serve as the start to a new, healthier lifestyle; one that you deserve.