30 Aug, 2021

Who doesn’t enjoy the sight of a grinning dog with her nose in the air and head hanging by the window? Whether travelling long distances or taking your furry friend for a drive, you want to ensure the journey is as comfortable and safe for your pets as it is for you. As a car owner and a pet lover, you are obviously concerned about the fur, the claws and the slobber. But with a few tips and tricks, you can enjoy these rides with your buddy without compromising on hygiene, safety and comfort. Here’s some advice on how you can make your car pet-friendly. 

1. Seat covers       

The primary concern that pet lovers have with their fur babies sitting on the upholstery is to prevent a mess from dirt and hair falling all over the seat. The obvious way to protect your precious upholstery is with some good quality seat covers. Check for features like fire resistance, sweat and odour resistance, etc. Darker colours give a rugged and sporty look, while lighter colours look elegant but may pose a maintenance issue. You can choose from MG Hector Accessories’ wide range of seat covers with extra cushioning support and anti-fungal properties.

2. Create a back seat protector

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If you are a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) fan, then you will enjoy creating your own washable back seat protector. Just invest in some fine quality washable fabric and sew it to fit the dimensions of your car’s back seat. There are many tutorials available online to do this. You can also enlist the help of your friendly neighbourhood seamstress to get this done. Alternatively, you can invest in MG Hector Accessories’ Pet Protection Cover for the rear seat. 

3. Setting up a barrier or a seat extender 

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Driving longer distances may make your pet fidgety and prone to jump around in the car. Try putting up a barrier in the rear hatch of your car to keep them stationed. You can also invest in a car seat extender for a more comfortable seat platform. The back seat extender helps your pet ride in comfort and prevents it from slipping between car seats.

4. Harness for your pet’s safety

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Pet harnesses can help you secure your pet and tend to fit most seatbelt buckles. There are plenty of pet harnesses available online that offer enough room and movement. Choose a size-appropriate harness for your pet and check whether the harness has been crash-tested and includes a seatbelt attachment. Quality harnesses offer ease of movement and use a material that prevents chafing. 

5. Eye protection

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Just as you wouldn’t venture out on your motorcycle without eye gear, you wouldn’t let your furry friend take a car ride without eye protection. Pet goggles not only look cute as a button, but they also secure their eyes from dust, bugs or other harm, considering the state of the atmosphere. Invest in good quality goggles that come with straps to help them stay put even at speed. 

6. Ensure the automatic window locks and door locks are on

With MG Hector’s safety features, you are automatically alerted if the doors aren’t closed properly or if the windows are unlocked. Observe the same rule of thumb that you’d do if a child is travelling with you and keep child-proof locks on. 

7. Cosying up in a crate

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Nothing compares to the safety and comfort of a travel crate. Be it a pooch or a large dog; almost every pet feels secure and calm in a crate. For longer journeys, consider covering up a crate with a blanket to encourage some snooze time. You can purchase a collapsible, soft-sided crate for travel or bring your regular crate from home. Remember to secure it to the centre of the car for safety.


Riding in your favourite MG Hector should be a pleasurable experience both for you and your pet. Other things you can carry to make your pet’s ride comfortable are treats, toys and barf bags, just in case. Remember to use these safety and hygiene tips to ensure a smooth and happy ride.