Blog - 11 Jan, 2022

7 Tips To Increase Your Chances Of Restarting Your Career

There can be many reasons to take a break from work—while some may choose to take time off to re-evaluate their goals or get rest […]

Technology - 11 Jan, 2022

Why Should I Buy An NFT If I Can Simply Screenshot?

The latest buzz in the digital world is about the non-fungible token. NFT, as it is called, is a data unit that is unique and […]

Legacy - 3 Jan, 2022

Guide To Map Your Skill Set With Career Options After You Are Back From A Break

Staying true to its 96-year-old legacy, MG (Morris Garages) has always stood ahead of the curve and delivered its customers bespoke technology-advanced, style-equipped, superior-performing cars […]

Music - 3 Jan, 2022

Indie Bands You Have To Watch Out For In India

India’s indie music scene is experiencing a renaissance, and these are the bands leading the way. The Family Cheese A progressive rock band with distinct […]

Music - 3 Jan, 2022

Everything You Need To Know About Indie Music

The indie genre of music is essentially used to represent artists and music that are independent from commercial record labels and their subsidiaries. But of late, indie music has […]

Uncategorized - 24 Dec, 2021

Step-by-Step Plan To Changing Careers

Sometimes, a career move is important to find a job you love, and that loves you back. If you are figuring out your next move, […]

Experience - 30 Nov, 2021

MG Astor: Crafted For A Comfortable Driving Experience

MG Motor has got a bunch of exciting SUVs in its stable. Be it the MG Hector, MG Hector Plus, MG ZS EV or the MG Gloster, the British auto […]

Cars of MG - 30 Nov, 2021

Let Your Car Do The Talking With MG Astor’s Personal AI Assistant

Can you think of more than five examples of moments in a day when you don’t have your smartphone with you? While a couple of […]

Cars of MG - 30 Nov, 2021

MG Astor: Lighting Up The Road With Intelligent Headlamp Control

Have you ever driven in the night and been blinded by the high-beamed headlamps of oncoming vehicles? The improper and inconsiderate use of high-beam and […]

Celebration - 30 Nov, 2021

5 Ways in Which We At MG Interpret The Sayings of Mahatma Gandhi

The legacy of Mahatma Gandhi runs long and deep; his contributions to our nation’s life extend beyond the part he played in the freedom struggle […]

Experience - 30 Nov, 2021

Why a Certified Car Program is the Best Way to Buy and Sell Pre-Loved Cars

At MG Motor, we want to ensure that every customer has an excellent experience with an MG vehicle, whether purchased brand new or pre-loved. To […]

Travel - 30 Nov, 2021

10 Things to do in Your 30s That Help You Feel Calmer

The 30s are the time of life when you continue to enjoy the vivacity of youth but also have a mind that has matured with […]

Celebration - 30 Nov, 2021

Importance of Driving in a Convenient Posture And Post-driving Exercises

Every year 16th October is celebrated as World Spine Day to mark the burden of spinal pain and disability around the globe. Health professionals, patients, rehabilitation […]

Tips and tricks - 22 Nov, 2021

8 Tips for driving safely during pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most cherished experiences in a woman’s life. However, there are several do’s and don’ts that you need to follow when […]

Best Practices - 22 Nov, 2021

Car maintenance tips for changing seasons

Reckless car handling aside, the weather is the biggest enemy of a car. From the engine to the exterior, harsh weather conditions can take a […]

Cars of MG - 22 Nov, 2021

Exciting Features Of The MG Astor That Are Sure To Change Your Mind

MG has always believed in providing passengers with all the convenience possible in their SUVs. The upcoming SUV in India: the MG Astor, is no different. It is packed […]

Cars of MG - 29 Sep, 2021

MG Astor: The Car That Is As Smart As You Are

The young generation of the country needs automobiles that resonate with their dynamic personality. The stunning success of MG cars in India is a testimony […]

Cars of MG - 23 Sep, 2021

Beyond The Ordinary: Exciting Features Of The MG Astor That Are Sure To Change Your Mind

MG has always believed in providing passengers with all the convenience possible in their SUVs. The upcoming SUV in India: the MG Astor, is no different. It is packed […]

Cars of MG - 17 Sep, 2021

One Car, Many Hats: The MG Astor Ushers in the “Car-As-A-Platform” Concept

What do most people think of when they think of a car? Probably a machine, one that can take them from place to place. That […]

Cars of MG - 14 Sep, 2021

MG Astor: A Steering Mode For Different Driving Conditions

Out in the real world, driving conditions are dynamic and can vary dramatically. One day, you’re zipping through traffic, the next you are carving up […]

City Life - 10 Sep, 2021

Tips for locating your car quickly when parked in a crowded area

Whether it is the parking space of a multiplex, shopping mall or an expo, your car is sure to get lost amidst the pool of cars parked […]

Innovation - 10 Sep, 2021

5 Reasons Why EVs are More Popular Than Ever

Seeing Electric Vehicles (EVs) on the road is no longer a novelty; electric bikes, scooters, cars, even buses have become ubiquitous. Technological leaps in battery […]

Tips and tricks - 7 Sep, 2021

Simple steps to jump-start your car

Is there a way you can track your car’s battery levels? If you can’t, have you imagined what you would do if it were to die suddenly […]

Travel - 5 Sep, 2021

Teachers’ Day: Valuable life lessons you can learn from driving

Today, on Teacher’s Day, let’s expand our definition of learning and take a moment to focus on the different things we learn can from our […]

Best Practices - 2 Sep, 2021

Avoid these common mistakes to prevent your battery from draining

Compare the human body with that of an automobile. What is it that keeps the body running? Yes, you’re right, the heart. And what about […]

Innovation - 2 Sep, 2021

Taking a look at the three levels of regenerative braking in your ZS EV

Most people equate a car’s performance to the size and output of the engine under its hood. But bigger isn’t always better. As any Formula […]

Travel - 2 Sep, 2021

5 Things we will do differently when travel becomes safe again

For over a year, the Covid-19 pandemic has played spoilsport to everyone’s travel plans. With lockdowns and travel restrictions rendering most places inaccessible, it has […]

City Life - 2 Sep, 2021

4 Special Memories You Shared With Your Car

While the current situation has most of us stuck at home with very few places to go, the memories we made with our cars are […]

Innovation - 2 Sep, 2021

Striking Performance Without Multiple Gears: How Does Your Electric Vehicle Do it?

You’ve probably grown up hearing about cars that have internal combustion engines and gears. Different types of cars might burn different fuels in these engines […]

Best Practices - 31 Aug, 2021

How do changing seasons impact your car engine? Here’s how to maintain

Reckless car handling aside, the weather is the biggest enemy of a car. From the engine to the exterior, harsh weather conditions can take a […]

MG Experiences - 30 Aug, 2021

Mind these safety tips if you are driving when pregnant

Pregnancy is one of the most cherished experiences in a woman’s life. However, there are several do’s and don’ts that you need to follow when […]

Technology - 30 Aug, 2021

Clean Air: The Future of Automotive Ventilation Systems

Don’t you just love the feeling of stepping into your car’s air-conditioned cabin on a hot summer day? Your car’s climate control system might seem […]

Innovation - 30 Aug, 2021

Warning signs to look out for on your car’s dashboard

The 2021 MG Hector’s dashboard lights can tell you a great deal about it;s performance.

Technology - 30 Aug, 2021

6 Factors That Impact Your EV’S Range

In the early days of electric vehicles (EVs), people were often troubled by “range anxiety” – the fear that they would run out of power […]

Technology - 30 Aug, 2021

Are you charging your EV correctly?

Battery maintenance is a primary concern for any potential electric vehicle (EV) owner,especially when it comes to charging it correctly.

City Life - 30 Aug, 2021

Tips to Help You Tide Over Your Fear of Parallel Parking

One of the greatest fears afflicting the urban driver is parallel parking. The phrase “parallel parking” evokes visions of automobile claustrophobia, fender benders, and crippling […]

Travel - 30 Aug, 2021

City vs Highway Driving: How Your Car Needs Differ

You’d think driving is just driving given roads are just roads, but, surprising as it sounds, when it comes to a highway drive and a […]

Travel - 30 Aug, 2021

Road trips Then and Now: How far have we come

As with most things, travel – in every shape and form – has evolved and changed over the last few years. The humble road trips […]

City Life - 30 Aug, 2021

Things to do if your car breaks down in the middle of the road

Of the 10 things most dreaded during car trips, a breakdown in the middle of the road is among the top three. So cars may […]

City Life - 30 Aug, 2021

How to make your car pet friendly

Who doesn’t enjoy the sight of a grinning dog with her nose in the air and head hanging by the window? Whether travelling long distances […]

MG Experiences - 30 Aug, 2021

Versatile ways in which the states of India celebrate Janmashtami

Across india, janmashtami is celebrated with great gusto and fanfare.

Legacy - 24 Aug, 2021

What makes MGB Roadster the bestselling MG of all time?

Every once in a while, there comes a car that not only checks all the boxes in the appearance department but is technically adept and […]

Legacy - 24 Aug, 2021

Like Looking into a Mirror: Similarities between Liverpool FC and MG Motor

When two legends come together, great things can happen. History is full of examples— John Lennon and Paul McCartney of The Beatles, Wilbur Wright and […]

MG ZS EV - 24 Aug, 2021

Things MG ZS EV Owners are Tired of Hearing

If you are an MG ZS EV owner, your car is bound to become a topic of conversation all the time. People are always interested […]

MG Gloster - 24 Aug, 2021

6 Things people always ask from an MG Gloster owner

The premium MPV MG Gloster is a technologically advanced and feature-rich vehicle. The flagship car of MG has had an excellent run since its launch in India […]

MG Hector - 24 Aug, 2021

Upgrading to an SUV? Follow these tips to make the transition smoother

The sales volume of SUVs has more than doubled in India in the last decade. This reiterates the aspirational value of this popular car sub-segment. SUVs offer […]

MG Hector - 24 Aug, 2021

Cars of MG (MG Hector 2021) 6 Questions every MG Hector owner has been asked at some point

Back when the MG brand was only a youngling, the Hawker Hector was a common sight in the British skyline. This Royal Air Force biplane […]

MG Gloster - 24 Aug, 2021

What is a 4X4, and how is it different from other cars?

Did you know that driving a car with the right drivetrain can amplify your driving experience?  There are four types of drivetrains – all-wheel-drive (AWD), rear-wheel […]

Expert Content - 24 Aug, 2021

How keeping your car in great shape pays off

Your car isn’t merely a machine that takes you from a place to another. It’s an asset, a possession that you cherish every moment. A […]

MG Experiences - 23 Aug, 2021

Celebrating a happy, safe and fulfilling Onam

Onam 2020 was a low-key affair owing to the pandemic, let’s get creative this year and make onam a fun-filled and happy experience.

Expert Content - 20 Aug, 2021

Authorised Service Centres vs Local Mechanics: Which Should You Opt For?

This is an age-old debate. The adventurous announce that local mechanics are the way to go – they are often cheaper and have a tendency […]

Best Practices - 20 Aug, 2021

Top useful accessories to have in your car this monsoon season

The cool breeze, the patter of raindrops, the wet, gleaming tarmac; a monsoon drive is an experience in itself, but clearly not one free of […]

Best Practices - 20 Aug, 2021

How to keep your car’s exterior in pristine condition

Here’s the truth: Your brand new car will not always look brand new. Over time, its age will reflect on the face and body. To […]

Best Practices - 20 Aug, 2021

Avoid these car wiper mistakes to keep them safe for long

A clear windshield gives a clear view of the surroundings ensuring a safe drive. It is estimated that around 20 per cent of road accidents […]

MG Experiences - 20 Aug, 2021

Classics to Supercars: Explore Iconic Machines Virtually at these Car Museums

Visiting auto-expos and car museums and gawking at gleaming classics or sleek, futuristic machines is a thrilling experience for any car aficionado. But with COVID-19 […]

Legacy - 20 Aug, 2021

Why the 1960s are considered a golden age in motoring?

By the time the 1960s dawned, MG had been in the motoring world for over three decades. The 750 cc Magic Midget was the earliest […]

Technology - 19 Aug, 2021

3 Facts that prove the future is bright for electric vehicles in India

When our Honourable Union Minister for Road Transport Nitin Gadkari announced in 2017 that India would move to 100% electric mobility by 2030, the automotive […]

Best Practices - 19 Aug, 2021

Tips to help your car sail through this monsoon

The wisest know best, and wise automobile owners know well that monsoons call for acclimatising your cars. This annual process is precarious, especially with the […]

Best Practices - 19 Aug, 2021

Go Marie Kondo on your car to give it a minimalist look

When you were a kid, your parents got after you to keep your room clean, to keep your things where they belonged. That’s, in fact, […]

Travel - 19 Aug, 2021

Why Your MG is Your Perfect Photography Partner

A photograph done right is as good as being there for the one who sees it. It speaks volumes in its stillness and retains the […]

MG Experiences - 10 Aug, 2021

The Best Road Trip Ideas for a Getaway from Delhi

Delhiites are no strangers to road trips. What can be more exhilarating than driving on endless roads with the best of scenic beauty around, and […]

MG Hector - 6 Aug, 2021

#2YearsTogether: From resale value to better tech: 4 Reasons to upgrade your Hector

Since its launch, the MG Hector has been improving with every passing year to provide an enhanced driving and ownership experience. The Hector Plus 6- […]

MG Hector - 5 Aug, 2021

#2YearsTogether: Facing these issues? Keep calm and upgrade to a modern SUV

As Carroll Shelby once said, “I’ve always been asked, ‘What is my favourite car?’ And I’ve always said, the next one.” It is a nod […]

MG Hector - 2 Aug, 2021

#2YearsTogether: Safety upgrades in the Hector 2021 that make it the ultimate SUV

Over the last two years, the MG Hector has emerged as one of the most sought-after mid-size SUVs in the Indian auto landscape. Since then, the […]

MG Experiences - 1 Aug, 2021

5 Ways to show love to the sister who has always had your back

Sister’s Day is the perfect opportunity for you and your sister to catch up and spend time together Here are some simple but touching ways […]

MG Hector - 24 Jul, 2021

#2YearsTogether: How the MG Hector has contributed to the fight against Covid-19

MG Motor’s debutant in India – the Hector – has been a runaway success for the British car marquee. Launched in June 2019, the SUV […]

MG Hector - 23 Jul, 2021

#2YearsTogether: Here’s why there are thousands of happy Hector owners

Two years since being launched, it is clear that the MG Hector transcends the narrow definition of a car; it is much more than that—a travel companion, […]

MG Hector - 20 Jul, 2021

#2YearsTogether: A tale of several success stories and counting

When MG Motor debuted in the contemporary Indian automotive market back in 2019, it did so with a bang. It launched the MG Hector – […]

Tips and tricks - 22 Jun, 2021

Keep germs and viruses at bay by deep-cleaning your car’s HVAC system

One of the first things most people do after getting into their cars and turning them on is switching on the air conditioner. But if […]

Travel - 21 Jun, 2021

Yoga on the Go: 5 Practices for long car rides to relax your body and mind

Most of us have experienced the stiffness that comes with being stuck in traffic or long road trips that make our joints ache and groan. […]

Travel - 16 Jun, 2021

7 Powerful lessons you can learn from travelling solo

“Travel is like an endless university. You never stop learning,” famously said photographer Harvey Llyod. And how true! You always come back enriched from a […]

History of our cars - 14 Jun, 2021

MG MGA: A twin-cam car that grabbed everyone’s attention

With almost 100 years in the auto world, MG is often credited for raising the global profile of British sports cars and cementing it with […]

Celebration - 7 Jun, 2021

Car lessons from my father that will stay with me forever

When I look back on my life, some of my most cherished memories happened inside a car. My first taste of a road trip was […]

Sustainability - 4 Jun, 2021

#ChangeWhatYouCan this Environment Day by adopting these green habits

Events around the world constantly serve as a reminder that climate change is real, and its reversal is an arduous and collective process, one that […]

Sustainability - 3 Jun, 2021

What is hypermiling, and should you try it?

Constantly fluctuating fuel prices is one of the biggest concerns for motorists, making it important to look for ways that can help you save fuel. […]

Innovation - 2 Jun, 2021

Common Myths About Engine Auto Start-Stop Systems You Need to Stop Believing

Start-stop systems seem to be gathering pace, both in the auto world and among car enthusiasts. However, there is some debate and confusion around its […]

MG Experiences - 28 May, 2021

8 books that must feature on every car enthusiast’s reading list

Picking up the perfect book to read is a lot like going off the grid, and who better than a car enthusiast to truly understand […]

Tips and tricks - 28 May, 2021

Here’s how to look after your car when it’s not in use

As the country grapples with the second wave of coronavirus, staying indoors has become the easiest way to take care of yourself and your loved […]

City Life - 27 May, 2021

9 Ways to pass your time if you’re stuck in traffic

Nobody likes to get stuck in traffic, but this is a part of city life that you just can’t escape, especially on days when you’re […]

MG Experiences - 26 May, 2021

5 Instagram Reels Trends That You Can Try in Your Car

As people across the country continue to stay at home for everyone’s safety, many creative minds have taken it upon themselves to share positive vibes […]

Best Practices - 21 May, 2021

Would you pass the Sherlock Holmes Car Cleanliness Test?

The Covid-19 virus may be persistent in its efforts to sneak into our lives. But some sherlockian wisdom can help you stay one step ahead.

MG Gloster - 21 May, 2021

6 Features That Make for Luxe Car Interiors

Ask anyone why they like cars, and looks will be the first thing they quote. Sleek design, chrome finish, and the best of latest tech are defining features of […]

Technology - 20 May, 2021

9 Lesser-known words that will excite the traveller in you

some of the most enchanting words from different languages that perfectly capture the essence of travelling:

MG Experiences - 19 May, 2021

Planning to Become a content creator? Partner up with Your Car!

Working from home is not just a boon for those who hate traffic- but also for those who want extra time every day to indulge […]

Sustainability - 15 May, 2021

Off-roading 101: Things to keep in mind before venturing out in the wilderness

How a person chooses to unwind at the end of a week says a lot about them. For some, it’s a time to catch up […]

Innovation - 12 May, 2021

Hybrid vs. Electric: Which Is the Right Fit for You?

Electric vehicle technology has proliferated over the last few years; customers are now spoiled for choice when it comes to buying vehicles that feature partial […]

Blog - 6 May, 2021

How MG Motor is helping the fight against covid?

The second wave of COVID-19 infections is sweeping across the country, overburdening medical infrastructure in places, even as the efforts to vaccinate the national population […]

Celebration - 6 May, 2021

Celebrating Mother’s Day with a Car Unlike Any Other

From fretting over your well-being to understanding every nuance of your being, mothers are the greatest embodiment of intuition and emotional intelligence. There are countless […]

Music - 28 Apr, 2021

Did you know that music impacts your driving mood and performance?

While driving home after a long day at work and heading out on a weekend getaway are two completely different scenarios, there’s one thing that […]

Innovation - 23 Apr, 2021

Gasoline Direct Injection: Driving MG’S net blue innovation

Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) involves injecting fuel into a car’s combustion chamber.

Expert Content - 23 Apr, 2021

24X7 Roadside Assistance to make your journeys trouble-free

No matter how carefully you plan a trip, there are events you cannot anticipate.

Sustainability - 22 Apr, 2021

Driving towards a more sustainable future – MG India

As the calendar flips open to April 22, people worldwide can be seen observing Earth Day, an event that attempts to create awareness around issues […]

MG Car Club - 19 Apr, 2021

Why should you join car club

Apart from their passion for cars, automobile enthusiasts have another thing in common – they’re always looking out to notch up their knowledge about the […]

Best Practices - 15 Apr, 2021

7 Tips to keep your vintage car in mint condition

Owners of vintage automobiles know well that the charm of a classic is in its colour, shine, and how it rolls down the street in power and style.

MG Hector - 14 Apr, 2021

Sharp turns and steep hills: Conquer them all with these driving tips

A trip to the hills never fails to excite: replacing city skies with fresh air, crisp greenery, and the tranquillity of valleys can make for […]

Innovation - 12 Apr, 2021

How do modern cars make it easier to plan your next road trip

Planning a road trip is as exciting as going on one. Fitting heaps of joyful activities into every waking moment is no easy task.

Travel - 7 Apr, 2021

Looking for a new family car? Here are some boxes it should check.

Be it a special weekend getaway, shopping with family, or dropping your kids at the park, a family car needs to tick many boxes. Not […]

Best Practices - 7 Apr, 2021

5 Driving habits that can help prolong your car’s life

When you have a car, it becomes your faithful companion wherever you go. It not only takes you places but gives you countless memories to […]

MG Gloster - 1 Apr, 2021

4 Cool features onboard that make everyday drives less stressful

With features like Auto AC and voice commands, today’s cars have made travel more pleasant and enjoyable.

Celebration - 29 Mar, 2021

This is what the colour of your car says about you

Buying a car is an exciting venture; there are endless possibilities of new-age features you could have in your next ride. But along with what’s […]

Innovation - 27 Mar, 2021

What is Regenerative Braking, and how does it work?

Technology is always marching forward when it comes to the automotive sector, bringing us something new, something better. In fact, cars are constantly being designed […]

Travel - 26 Mar, 2021

7 Features that are a must-have in an off-roader

When you think of an off-roader, images of powerful engines, sturdy chassis, and an SUV offering all-terrain performance is what immediately comes to mind. You […]

Innovation - 26 Mar, 2021

Internet of Things: The technology behind connected cars

Gone are the days when you could only access the internet on your laptops and mobile. Most devices these days have an array of sensors […]

Tips and tricks - 25 Mar, 2021

Make your car run smoothly with these maintenance tips

After months of deliberation and discussion around the car you want to buy, finally taking your first car out for a spin is an exhilarating […]

MG Car Club - 25 Mar, 2021

Run by Members for Members- Be a part of the MGCC Team

We at MG thrive on community – a sense of belonging that connects people who share the same interests and passions. This is the driving […]

Tips and tricks - 23 Mar, 2021

4 Tips to help reduce vehicular pollution

As a kid, nature has always been the perfect companion to your imagination. Whether it was tracing shapes in the clouds, climbing trees, or running […]

History of our cars - 23 Mar, 2021

Why the craze for classic cars still exists today

For most, a car is just a medium to transit from one place to another, while for others, it’s a matter of pride, an addiction, […]

Expert Content - 17 Mar, 2021

Did you know these benefits of a High Security Registration Plate?

HSRPs provide better protection against theft as they are affixed using two non-removable snap-on locks.

MG Hector - 16 Mar, 2021

Is your car as tough as it looks?

From looks to performance to premium connectivity features, the MG Hector 2021 checks all the boxes.

Experience - 16 Mar, 2021

Thinking about buying a pre-owned car? These benefits might be the push you need

A lot goes into buying a car. It is one of those decisions that you cannot make on a whim; after all, your car will […]

Blog - 16 Mar, 2021

A look at India’s electric vehicle journey over the years

The adoption of electric vehicle (EVs) in India has grown in the last decade.

Innovation - 15 Mar, 2021

Benefits of Electric Parking Brake

The electric parking brake is an advanced version of the handbrake and can prevent your car from moving when parked.

Best Practices - 12 Mar, 2021

Essential car checks to perform before heading out on your summer holiday

Now that winter has receded, a new season is upon us, and summer is certainly making itself known. As the temperature increases, you will swap […]

Sustainability - 12 Mar, 2021

What makes the Hector CVT so special?

Automatic transmissions have been around for several decades, and there are a few different types to choose from when it comes to cars. One type […]

Travel - 11 Mar, 2021

5 Sun-kissed beaches that promise you an unforgettable time with your family

Imagine blue shades of the horizon coupled with waves that wash away the stress of the daily grind. Yes, a beach vacation is perfect for […]

Innovation - 11 Mar, 2021

Here’s why EVs are becoming the car of choice in India

Electric vehicles (EV) have come to be regarded as the next generation of vehicles, and have gained quite a bit of popularity over the last […]

Innovation - 11 Mar, 2021

Green solutions that are driving the auto industry towards a sustainable era

The use of green technology as an alternative to traditional fuel is fast getting acceptance from the masses. The new breed of cars rolling out […]

Celebration - 8 Mar, 2021

Breaking glass ceilings: Women leading change at MG

The automobile sector has seen a paradigm shift for women in the industry over the last decade. Spearheading their way to the top, women leaders […]

Travel - 8 Mar, 2021

Capture the changing lens of travel at these captivating destinations

Snow-capped peaks, frosty winds, and breathtaking landscapes are some of the cool sights one sees when travelling during winters. But then, hibernating under a cosy blanket is an experience of its own. […]

Travel - 4 Mar, 2021

7 ways in which you can enjoy your 7-seater car

We know you love your car – the sense of excitement that drives you to explore the world through your rearview is something else. However, […]

Celebration - 14 Feb, 2021

Valentine’s Day celebrations that suit your couple style

Come February, and the world becomes Cupid’s playground. Chocolates, flowers and candlelight dinners bring fond memories of celebrating Valentine’s Day from the past. But, anyone […]

Sustainability - 9 Feb, 2021

All you need to know before buying an electric vehicle

Buying a car is one of life’s special milestones, a decision which can take up to weeks of discussion and research. It is one of […]

Innovation - 2 Feb, 2021

Evolution of sensor technology in cars

Have you ever been driving your car when a co-passenger offered voluntary instructions – like “there’s a car turning from the left” or “look out […]

Travel - 26 Jan, 2021

Discover the unknown by driving to these lesser-known historical sites in India

From magnificent, imposing monuments to sites steeped in historical significance, India’s cultural landscape attracts travellers from across the country and world. But while most travellers […]

Experience - 25 Jan, 2021

Explore these eco-tourist destinations on National Tourism Day

For almost a whole year, travelling for most people meant heading to the nearby grocery store, and car drives around the neighbourhood were probably more […]

Travel - 11 Dec, 2020

New-age ways of camping you can adopt in the new normal

Over the last several years, camping has become a rather popular activity. Spending time in nature, breathing in that crisp, fresh air and exploring the […]

Innovation - 11 Dec, 2020

How does ESP enhance your car’s safety

ESP or Electronic Stability Program is an automated safety technology that is designed to enhance a vehicle’s stability.

Celebration - 17 Nov, 2020

4 Ways to make Children’s Day special for your kids

Homes with kids are often filled with laughter and joy. Their doe-eyed innocence is a reminder that childhood is one the simplest times in life […]

Celebration - 12 Nov, 2020

4 Things you could do this festive season to make it brighter

As the last quarter of the year kicks in, most people are starting to feel hopeful of the slowly, but surely returning sense of normalcy […]

Technology - 28 Oct, 2020

Here’s why now is the right time to buy an Electric Vehicle

For the longest time, you’ve heard about global warming and climate change on the news, in the papers and across social media. And if you […]

MG ZS EV - 21 Oct, 2020

An exclusive guide into your new EV’s features

When you think of futuristic cars, what comes to your mind? Sleek and stylish designs, high-end features and pathbreaking in every way. Well, when you […]

MG Hector Plus - 21 Oct, 2020

This is why you need Captain Seats

If you or anyone you know ever considered buying a SUV, you will have come across the term “caption seats”.

Innovation - 14 Oct, 2020

Why now’s a great time to get an electric vehicle

The policy will exempt road-tax on battery-operated vehicles, making it affordable to own an EV.

Travel - 10 Oct, 2020

Here’s How Travel Impacts Your Mental Health

This was a year of throwbacks – throwbacks to epic college trips with your besties, spontaneous road trips with the family and even some seemingly […]

Sustainability - 26 Aug, 2020

Electric cars: How expensive are they really?

You would not be alone if the first thought that crossed your mind when you heard the term “electric cars” was ‘expensive’. Considering how technology […]

Expert Content - 26 Aug, 2020

Busting EV Myths/ True or False: EV Edition

EVs are associated with many advantages that most consumers can appreciate such as- no pollution, lower running costs, excellent performance and so on. However, like […]

Safety Fast - 26 Aug, 2020

This is why you need Safety Fast! in your life today

Being an MG car owner is a special thing. It gives you access to one of the finest examples of contemporary technology at your beck […]

MG Car Club - 26 Aug, 2020

The Story Behind MG’s Car Club

From the beginning of time, humans have formed tight-knit communities and special groups outside of their families. This is because being a part of a […]

Travel - 26 Aug, 2020

Miss travelling with your family? Tips to prep for a trip in the new normal!

When you first rung in 2020, you probably made several resolutions, from self-care to professional accomplishments. And travelling and seeing a little more of the […]

MG Hector Plus - 26 Aug, 2020

Can one car accommodate your whole family’s needs?

Family holidays are some of the most anticipated events in the year, whether it’s a weekend getaway or a summer vacation. But if it is […]

Innovation - 14 Aug, 2020

(Independence Day) – Technology that drives freedom

“Freedom”, as a word, has evolved to mean different things to different people. These definitions can range from having the freedom of expression to being […]

City Life - 3 Jun, 2020

What to look for when subscribing to a car online

If you have decided that a car subscription is an excellent way for you to become a car owner..

Product - 30 May, 2020

The Short, Long Term Commitment to Driving

Owning a car has, is and will probably always be a milestone for many. Today’s cars are..

Product - 30 May, 2020

Car Subscription myths busted

Up until a few years ago, subscriptions services earned a rather unfair rep. They were..

Product - 27 May, 2020

Is Car Subscription the Future of Personal Transportation?

The ecosystem of car buying is witnessing a big change in India. Today, owning a car..

City Life - 26 May, 2020

Ever heard of car subscriptions? Here’s why their popularity is growing

Consumer patterns have changed in the last few years, and how. From signing up..

Product - 22 May, 2020

Car Buying Is Now A Three-Way Junction

Buying a car is a significant purchase people make their lives. It involves a substantial..

Product - 21 May, 2020

Things to Buy On Subscription in India (#9 Will Surprise You)

India is shifting to a new way of purchasing things. The way people buy has changed drastically over..

Tips and tricks - 25 Apr, 2020

Taking care of your EV’s battery

As the country-wide lockdown continues, and you are safe inside your home..

Best Practices - 25 Apr, 2020

Hotspots of germs in your car that you didn’t know about

Despite practising social distancing and staying home 24X7, at some point..

City Life - 25 Apr, 2020

Social distancing and how it isn’t all that bad

The world has been turned upside down on account of the COVID-19 global pandemic..

History of our cars - 25 Apr, 2020

Milestones in the British Automotive industry

The British automobile industry is one with many storied marques that left their..

City Life - 25 Apr, 2020

How Social Distancing is Helping Climate Change?

With more time on our hands since being home quarantined, most of us have..

Innovation - 15 Apr, 2020

All about MG ZS EV

Explore the fascinating world of the all-new MG ZS EV with Avira 0 0

Innovation - 15 Apr, 2020

Connectivity of MG ZS EV

Stay connected with the MG ZS EV. 0 0

Innovation - 15 Apr, 2020

Battery costs and future trends

Here to keep you updated about future trends for EVs. 0 0

Innovation - 15 Apr, 2020

The cost of ownership for an EV

The more you drive. More you save. 0 0

Innovation - 15 Apr, 2020

How to find a charging station for your EV

Find a charger whenever you need it. #AheadWithAvira 0 0

Innovation - 15 Apr, 2020

Types of chargers

Multiple ways to connect. 0 0

Innovation - 15 Apr, 2020

Cost of Batteries and Future Trends

Many ways to charge the future. 0 0

Innovation - 15 Apr, 2020

EVs don’t have enough range?

Range anxiety – No more! 0 1

Innovation - 15 Apr, 2020

An EV is difficult to charge?

Charge while you chill. #AheadWithAvira 0 0

Innovation - 15 Apr, 2020

What is the cost of battery?

Only to get better with time! The Future 0 0

Innovation - 15 Apr, 2020


Talk about it! 0 1

Sustainability - 13 Apr, 2020

5 Things you did not know about the BSES norms for vehicles in India

With the cost of treating diseases borne from air pollution as high as 3% of our country’s..

Travel - 13 Apr, 2020

5 Sustainable Travel Bloggers To Follow If You Want To Amp Up Your Feed

As more people make travel a part of their lives and not just a hobby, they are becoming..

Travel - 13 Apr, 2020

Eco-friendly Gear That Is a Must-have For Eco-tourists

The rapid pace at which climate change is progressing today demands that we..

Travel - 23 Feb, 2020

5 Places To Visit For The Budget-conscious Traveller

The travel bug usually gets to you in your late teens or early twenties..

MG Hector MG ZS EV - 20 Feb, 2020

How MG Is Paving Its Way In The Indian Automobile Industry

It’s safe to say that the Indian automobile industry has made great strides..

History of our cars - 13 Feb, 2020

How the American craze for British sports cars began

When the first car came into being, people were probably glad that they no longer..

Celebration - 8 Feb, 2020

Share Love, Share Food This Valentine’s Weekend

Candle-light, flowers, chocolate and whispered sweet-nothings, Valentine’s Day..

Innovation - 2 Feb, 2020

Features you need to have a safe drive in 2020

With each new model released, today’s cars are outdoing cars from yesteryear..

Innovation - 31 Jan, 2020

How does a DC fast charge work?

Electric cars, much like the phone and laptop you use, require chargers to put..

Sustainability - 25 Jan, 2020

How can you reduce pollution levels as an individual?

Right from smoke and minute dust particles entering homes to blankets..

MG ZS EV - 23 Jan, 2020

Turn up your driving experience

What’s worse than dealing with bumper to bumper traffic? The answer Frequent gear..

Travel - 17 Jan, 2020

The Rookie’s Guide To Eco-Tourism

The idea of travelling to new, exotic destinations has caught the fancy of millions..

Music - 7 Jan, 2020

Amp up your sound: 3D sound effect

Wouldn’t you love to hear only the sound of your favourite tunes on a long road trip..

MG ZS EV - 3 Jan, 2020

Clean Air Inside and Out

With outdoor air quality levels as high as 300 (AQI), the risk of developing..

Travel - 31 Dec, 2019

5 Places to visit if you love snow

You’ve probably started 2020 with a bunch of resolutions (as most people do)..

Innovation - 30 Dec, 2019

Why Has The Shift To Electric Vehicles Become A Necessity?

Don’t you just hate it when you’re on the road, and your senses are assaulted..

MG ZS EV - 29 Dec, 2019

What qualifies as a smart car?

Almost every aspect of our lives has become technologically enabled..

Innovation - 25 Dec, 2019

How is MG’s Net Green Technology Revolutionary?

While MG Motor has had a long and inspiring history in the automobile industry..

Innovation - 22 Dec, 2019

7 Reasons why electric cars are the future

Here are a few features that make them the cars of the future No Emissions Instead..

History of our cars - 18 Dec, 2019

The Legacy Of MG Motor

Revived version of the Morris Car was developed as the first official MG vehicle..

Travel - 14 Dec, 2019

5 Eco-Friendly Resorts To Visit With Your Family This Christmas

Living sustainably is becoming less of a choice and more of a movement..

Best Practices - 10 Dec, 2019

Are electric cars easier to maintain?

One of the most significant breakthroughs of the 21st century has to be the advent..